"Stephanie Andersen is a beautiful writer and offers her gift generously to the subject of adoption."--Jennifer Lauck, author of Found, Show me the Way, Still Waters, and New York Times Bestseller Blackbird.  
This: But now we stood ablaze in her words with no desire to put out the flame. That’s how I feel when I read Stephanie Andersen’s prose. I start to read, perhaps tired, perhaps distracted, and every time I am suddenly washed down a chute of emotion that takes me to both tears and hunger to feel more, in seconds. I am grateful and challenged and inspired and devastated and several other things by the end of any of Stephanie’s pieces. Her work doesn’t feel merely ‘literary’—it feels like the human heart pounded into an injection of words, of which you feel the prick and the rush, and you smile and weep.
— Eli Hastings, author of Clearly Now, the Rain: A Memoir of Love and Other Trips
Stephanie Andersen has that skill that few writers achieve: the ability to write intricate stories with complex characters and make each page read effortlessly. She brings a keen sensitivity to issues of motherhood, adoption, and loss, illuminating these topics in ways that feel at once sad and bright. When I read her work I feel as if someone were whispering in my ear, telling me secrets that satiate a deep curiosity I didn’t even know I had.
— Jennifer Berney, writer & Brain, Child Contributing Blogger
Stephanie’s writing is honest and authentic. Woven with vivid detail and well-drawn scenes, readers will remember her stories a long time after a first—or second—reading.
— Marcelle Soviero, Editor in Chief, Brain Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers
With wisdom, clear-sightedness, and most importantly with love, Anderson tells the necessary stories that will help us better see the heartbreaking consequences of unexamined and ill-informed adoption advocacy. She helps us see that our culture’s insistence that teenage mothers are inexorably unprepared and unqualified for motherhood is often misguided, if not wrong. She helps us see that the easy, unproblematized assumption that adoption is always best can actually be brutally harmful to the very souls that adoption is trying to protect.
— Janet Mason Ellerby, author of Following the Tamborine Man, a Birthmother's Memoir; and Intimate Reading: The Contemporary Women's Memoir
Stephanie J. Andersen’s “Still” blew us away. She packed so much into this moving essay, and the piece was courageous and absolutely beautiful. We can’t wait to read her entire memoir, a book we know will impact many.

We were pleased to publish “Still” in our June 2016 issue, and we felt so passionately about it that we also selected it (from 500+ stories over our first five years) for inclusion in our first printed anthology, Selected Memories.

We thank Andersen for sharing this important story with us, our readers, and the world!
— Donna Talarico, founder/publisher of Hippocampus Magazine
Stephanie Andersen’s nonfiction has everything I love about this genre: page-turning stories, thoughtful reflection, and unforgettable characters. She aims for the heart—and you feel it long after you finish the last sentence.
— Jay Varner, Author of Nothing Left to Burn
Stephanie Andersen is a brilliant writer and teacher that will touch your heart and inspire you to want to do better not only for you but also for the greater good of humanity.
— Victoria Lugo-Ramos, student
Stephanie Andersen, a gifted writer of creative nonfiction and dedicated writing instructor, changed the way I view creative writing. I worked with her independently on my first memoir. Ms. Andersen’s teaching techniques far surpass any that I have experienced throughout my entire academic career. She has the unique ability to assist her students in uncovering a passion for creative writing that they may not have even known existed. In her Creative Nonfiction class, she will take you on a journey, through innovative writing exercises. Stephanie Andersen does not just teach students how to write. She teaches them how to develop their own unique voice and style. The literary tools that Ms. Andersen provided me with during the time I spent under her devoted instruction, armed me with the knowledge I needed to become a successful, professional writer. With the assistance of Mrs. Andersen, I became a published author, for the first time, in 2012. Any student who is serious about honing their writing skills and taking their work to the next level must consider enrolling in one of her writing courses. I will always be eternally grateful for the mentoring and guidance that she gave me.
— Cat Mahoney, student and author of In Knots: Motherhood Lost and Found.
Ms. Andersen made the Introduction to Creative Writing course an enjoyable learning experience. She was down-to-earth, approachable, friendly and knew how to keep this course interesting and flowing nicely. The opportunity to have your writing pieces workshopped and to receive constructive criticism in an online environment far surpassed my expectations. Ms. Andersen was a pleasure to have as an instructor and I would recommend that anyone who has a small amount of interest in writing take this course with her. Her passion for writing is genuine and she was encouraging to the class to engage in an online learning environment.
— Ginger Houck, student