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Under the Gum Tree

Like a Part of You

A new stage in my life has begun, one which I have decided will require a new bra. In my drawer at home is a mix of bras that no longer fit—sports bras that restrain and disguise, push-up bras that force and cajole, nursing bras that open and close like doors, full-coverage bras that put my breasts at attention, and bralettes that ride up every time I lift my arms.

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Empty Mirror


It is late in April, one of those cool and wet mornings when the sun’s light is hazy and blue. I wake early, escape out the front door of my suburban townhome with a cup of coffee, tell my husband I’ll be back before the kids wake...

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How a 100% Clean Energy Resolution Brought a Community Together

Starting Reading for 100 was my way of doing the best I can. But it would have been futile if it hadn’t connected me with my community. 

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Literary Mama

How to See Light

I closed my eyes and, despite my promise, held tightly to my belief that I needed her. Needing her, I thought, would somehow keep her alive. I couldn't untether either of us from my longing. For too long, it stayed inside of me, hardening me.

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Twist in Time Literary Magazine

Between  Me and Neverland

“Just think lovely, wonderful thoughts,” Peter said. All this time, I thought my mother lost her fight–that following all those rules about what to eat and what not to eat had been futile. But maybe I’ve been wrong. Maybe those rules are like gates that create something to believe in. 

Desk with Book


  • Pushcart nominee for "Still," 2018.

  • Pushcart nominee for “Dust,” 2017.

  • Best American Notable Essay “My Mother’s Secret,” 2015.

  • Pushcart nominee for “My Mother’s Secret,” 2016.

  • Outstanding Faculty Award, Reading Area Community College, 2012-2013.

  • Best American Notable Essay “Womanhood,” 2008.

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